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Note: All patches and updates here apply only to version 4.0 or later! If you have an earlier version of AutoDutyPRO, please contact us for upgrade information.

Before selecting a patch or update to download, you will need to know the current version, or build, of the AutoDutyPRO software installed on your computer.

To find out which version you have, start the program and click on the Help menu. Click the About... icon, which is the last item listed. The build number is displayed on the graphic, above the 'Special thanks' section:

About screen
If you have any questions regarding updating, please contact us.

NOTE: The most recent version of AutoDutyPRO is Build
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Administrator/Installer Guide
This document details items you need to know before you install and run AutoDutyPRO. It addresses installing AutoDutyPRO on Windows-based computers, registering/unlocking the software, and dealing with the issues that may arise due to security settings on individual computers.

Even if you already have AutoDutyPRO installed, reviewing this document may help you configure items so it runs much better -- especially on more recent versions of Windows

The PDF document can be found here.

Complete installation file
Depending on how your web browser is configured, you may have to click your mouse's right button and select the 'Save link as...' or 'Save target as...' menu option for the file to be properly saved to your computer.

AutoDutyPRO - File: AutoDutyPRO_setup.exe, Updated: 02 MAY 2019, Size: 7.22 Mb

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