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"AutoDutyPRO is a terrific asset. I have more than 500 soldiers in the company, 350 of which are on an automated CQ and FOD roster. Great job. Thanks."
1SG Gutierrez
HHC, I Corps
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Effective 01 JUL 2021, our office phone number has changed!

To reach us for sales and/or support, contact us at 208.719.9030

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Check out the updated Administrator/Installer Guide!
Last updated: 02 APR 2017

Part Administrator's guide, part Installer's guide, this document details items you need to know before you install and run AutoDutyPRO.

It addresses installing AutoDutyPRO on Windows-based computers, registering/unlocking the software, and dealing with the issues that may arise due to security settings on individual computers.

The PDF document can be found here.

AutoDutyPRO has been updated!
Last updated: 02 MAY 2019

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