Here's a short intro to the program that first sergeants all across the Army are talking about!
Published by First Shirt Software, AutoDutyPRO is a software program for your PC. It is the most complete and comprehensive duty roster system available for managing the entire DA Form 6 process, from assigning personnel to re-calculating a changed roster. AutoDutyPRO manages your Exemption, Training Holiday, and Unit Alpha Roster information -- so you don't have to.

AutoDutyPRO makes a duty roster as simple as 1,2,3:
  1. Tell AutoDutyPRO about the new soldiers in the unit, as well as those who have ETS'd or PCS'd.
  2. Add any pending exemptions and training holidays.
  3. Select the rosters you want to make, and choose the beginning and ending dates.

It's just that easy. Just that fast. In less than 30 seconds, AutoDutyPRO gives you a printed Memorandum Sheet, ready for your signature, and a DA Form 6 -- completely error-free and ready for inspection!

In head-to-head comparisons with many types of units and duties, AutoDutyPRO has proven to be more accurate than rosters made by hand: when comparing rosters for the same personnel, exemptions and dates, 80% of those rosters done by hand had mistakes, but not AutoDutyPRO! AutoDutyPRO rosters are 100% accurate every time!

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