With AutoDutyPRO, we
guarantee that you WILL make your next
duty roster faster and easier than ever before...
No Aspirin Required!
Duty Rosters. Headaches. Frustration. Mistakes. Hours and hours of your valuable time. And every week, it starts all over again. Month after month, this endless cycle of managing duty rosters has become one of your most dreaded activities. You are spending hours making duty rosters -- isn't your time worth more?

Of course it is ... and that is why we created AutoDutyPRO. Check out the links below for more information!

Short Intro to the program that first sergeants all across the Army are talking about!
Effortlessly handle an unlimited number of exemptions!
Make complex duty rosters with ease!
Don't just take our word for it...!
Get the hardware & software requirements for running AutodutyPRO!
Here are answers to some 'before-you-buy' questions...
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