Effortlessly handle an unlimited number of exemptions!
Use AutoDutyPRO to manage exemptions for your unit personnel. As AutoDutyPRO calculates your rosters, it scans all exemptions and accurately applies only those exemptions which are in force during the roster date range.

AutoDutyPRO knows the difference between Type A, D, and U exemptions, and includes a list of standard exemption reasons, to which you can add, modify, and delete as your needs require.

AutoDutyPRO also supports permanent and recurring exemptions, and is fully 'Year 2000-compliant'.

Ever been required to make changes to a posted roster? We all have! And because AutoDutyPRO remembers the information from past DA6s, recalculating previous DA6s is a snap. Simply update exemptions for the personnel involved, and tell AutoDutyPRO to re-do the DA6 for the affected dates. The roster will be recalculated and the new Memorandum Sheet can even include the change number.

Thanks to AutoDutyPRO's superb treatment of exemptions, you'll never be anxious about last minute and after-the-fact changes again!

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