Don't just take our word for it...!
Ever since it was released in 1993, first sergeants and operations sergeants Army-wide -- the real experts -- have raved about AutoDutyPRO. From a recent survey of AutoDutyPRO users:
  • 100% reported that their duty roster work is 75% to 90% faster now!
  • 90% specifically wrote that AutoDutyPRO is incredibly easy to use, even for computer novices!
  • 100% can't figure out how they ever got along without it!
"Using AutoDutyPRO, I now do in 15 minutes what used to take 3 hours! It saved my marriage!" -- Fort Benning
"I run rosters for the largest battalion in the Army...I can not complete the mission without AutoDutyPRO! There is not enough hours in the day to do it by hand." -- Fort Hood
"Before AutoDutyPRO, I would lock myself in my office for two hours a week doing my DA6. Now I keep the exemptions current and produce a duty roster in 10 minutes. I think some of my hair is growing back!" -- Fort Carson
"AutoDutyPRO is the first intelligently programmed software package for the military first sergeant. The program is not only user-friendly, but is soldier-friendly. It allows me as a first sergeant to spend more time on the things that I need to be doing: Soldier Training! The technical support and customer support personnel are the best I have dealt with." -- Fort Campbell
"AutoDutyPRO is a great time saver. It should be standard issue for all first sergeants! I received 100% commendable on Command Inspection thanks to you!" -- Fort Lewis

Still skeptical? Who could blame you? It sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. Instead of spending hours doing rosters by hand, use AutoDutyPRO and you'll finish in minutes!

Still need to do rosters this week? It's not too late! Contact us today and your copy of AutoDutyPRO will be on its way!! You can make your next roster using AutoDutyPRO -- "No Aspirin Required"!

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