Here are the hardware & software requirements for running AutodutyPRO

To utilize AutodutyPRO, all that is required is a recent computer running Microsoft Windows XP or later. A laser printer is recommended, but not required. More specifically:

If you have a personal computer running MacOS or OSX:
  • Since AutoDutyPRO is a Windows-based application, it does not run natively on the Mac. However, it will run successfully via virtualization software such as Parallels or VirtualBox. At First Shirt Software, we actually develop, support and use AutoDutyPRO on Macs, via Parallels.

For more details regarding the installation and running of AutoDutyPRO on both government and personal computers, please refer to the Administrator/Installer Guide.

This document details items you need to know before you install and run AutoDutyPRO. It addresses installing AutoDutyPRO on Windows-based computers, registering/unlocking the software, and dealing with the issues that may arise due to security settings on individual computers.

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