Here are answers to some 'before-you-buy' questions...
Q. Is AutoDutyPRO a new program?

A. AutoDutyPRO has been used by units since early 1993. The original program was developed over a 2-year period and spent one year being tested by a variety of units before it's official release in January, 1993. Our Windows version is based on the same core calculation engine used by the DOS version, and has been available since March, 1996.

Q. How many different rosters (CQ, STAFF DUTY, etc.) does AutoDutyPRO support?

A. AutoDutyPRO supports thousands of rosters -- much more than you'll ever need!

Q. How many exemptions does AutoDutyPRO allow for each person?

A. There is no limit to the number of exemptions AutoDutyPRO tracks per each individual. Actually, there is a practical limit of over 2 billion exemptions per unit, although you would run out of hard disk space first!

Q. How much time does AutoDutyPRO require to calculate an average roster?

A. An an average roster of 150 personnel and 60 pending exemptions will take less than 30 seconds!

Q. How many personnel can I assign to a roster?

A. Each role on a roster (CQ, ACQ, Driver, etc.) may be comprised of up to 9,999 personnel. Each roster is limited to 999 roles.

Q. Can AutoDutyPRO help me avoid assigning personnel for back-to-back duty on different rosters?

A. Yes. AutoDutyPRO has a feature called Conflict Resolution. If AutoDutyPRO finds duty conflicts with other rosters, it will automagically resolve these conflicts for you based on each roster's precedence to the other rosters.

Q. I have one roster where duty assignments are required for non-consecutive days -- can AutoDutyPRO skip days within the date range?

A. Yes.

Q. My Charge of Quarters roster requires 1 CQ and 4 CQ Runners -- per day. How do I do this with AutoDutyPRO?

A. AutoDutyPRO calculates each roster's duty a role at a time, for each duty period within a date range. This means that you can have the program select any number of soldiers per role per duty period (a 'day' in this example) -- and these numbers can change from duty period to duty period.

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