AutoDutyPRO TestDrive
The AutoDutyPRO TestDrive package is not a watered-down or lightweight version of our product. It is a special edition of the complete AutoDutyPRO software, with just one limitation (see below).

Once you download and install the software, you will have the actual, full-featured product U.S. Army units worldwide are using to manage duty rosters.

The limitation is that AutoDutyPRO will only calculate DA6s for a limited time period.

When you are ready to implement AutoDutyPRO in your organization, use our secure, online ordering system to purchase. After your purchase is processed, all you need is a special code which "unlocks" your copy and saves all of the data you have entered during your TestDrive period.

For AutoDutyPRO's hardware and software requirements, please see this page.

Downloading the TestDrive
The AutoDutyPRO is downloaded as one large file. The total size of the download may take some time, depending on the bandwidth of your internet connection.

Depending on how your web browser is configured, you may have to click your mouse's right button and select the 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...' menu option for the files to be properly saved to your computer.

Download AutoDutyPRO
AutoDutyPRO - File: AutoDutyPRO_setup.exe, Size: 7.22 Mb

Instructions: Download the file into a temporary folder and run AutoDutyPRO_setup.exe

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