Technical Support & Services

This page details the support and service options available to First Shirt Software customers.

Register (UNLOCK) AutoDutyPRO

Register (UNLOCK) your copy of AutoDutyPRO online -- it just takes a few moments.

You will want to have AutoDutyPRO running, with the registration screen being displayed.

Administrator/Installer Guide

This document details items you need to know before you install and run AutoDutyPRO.

It addresses installing AutoDutyPRO on Windows-based computers, registering/unlocking the software, and dealing with the issues that may arise due to security settings on individual computers.

AutoDutyPRO Q&A

Find answers and solutions to questions and issues about using AutoDutyPRO. The KnowledgeBase can be searched, and best of all, it's free and available 24-hours a day, seven days a week!

If you cannot find the answers you need, you may create a support ticket request right from the same page!

Download Center

Update AutoDutyPRO to the latest version.

You may also receive no-charge technical support by creating a support ticket at our Help Desk

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